Mains Fencers are used for the protection and control of all animals from domestic animals and pets to livestock on large farms. Building a good electric fence is like anything else, you get out what you put in. If you use the proper equipment and maintain the fence the result will be a permanent structure just like the barb wire previously used. The advantage of using ‘electric’ or ‘high tensile’ fences is on average they cost less than a barb wire fence, since less materials are required (ie posts, staples and wire) and they take less time to install. The electric fence option is also more versatile; you can take it down quickly and re-install somewhere else. 

 Electric fences are mental barriers not physical barriers for all animals and grazing situations. When animals are trained properly and the fence is working the way it was designed to (ie with the proper voltage on the fence), the animal will touch the fence once and then leave it alone.

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