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The MX-18 Mains Fencer is a high quality mains electric fencer with adjustable settings that is suitable for use on large permanent electric fences.The MX-18 Mains Fencer is engineered using microchip technology to allow digital control over the pulse of the electric fence. With this technology you are able to control the time, frequency, and power of the pulse which lets you maximise the effect of your electric fence. Even though the MX-18 Mains Fencer is a very sophisticated electric fence it is still very easy to install and maintain.
The MX-18 Mains Fencer has an easy to read light up display that is visible from up to 30 metres away. This display gives you vital information on the performance and effectiveness of your electric fence. The MX-18 Mains Fencer also features an audible alarm to signal poor performance and low output on your electric fence.
Vegetation can cause low output with electric fences, this is caused by the vegetation growing up and grounding the electric current by touching the fence. The MX-18 Mains Fencer is powerful enough to burn back the vegetation that grows underneath the wires.