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VERSALOK® LONG LIFE award winning fence
Posts are the ideal solution to modern day farm fencing. With a 30 year life guarantee, these posts provide a secure fence for paddock fencing or parameter field fencing.
Quick & simple to erect, the Versalok® Post can be set up to carry one or two lines of wire (or more) and the insulators can be placed at any height option up or down the post.
The Versalok® Post can be used to carry any mesh or sheep wire pattern and a special clip is supplied to attach sheep wire anywhere on the post.
We supply corner / straining post, along with two post size options – 1.5 Metre and 1.8 Metre.
We supply the hand post drivers to put down the posts and we also have available to users. Petrol Driven Post Drivers which we can hire out for a nominal daily charge for those bigger fencing jobs.
Take the pain and work load out of fencing. Start today replacing broken timber posts with long life Versalok® Posts